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Original work by Goilla Co.,Ltd introduction to "The Top Loft"


Noko Yukawa

All-rounder animator
 Worked as a key animator on Hirake Ponkikki “Kaiju No Uta”, “Ginga Tetsudou No Youru”, and as a storyboard artist and animator on Folktales from Japan “Okei No Okesa Bushi” and so on 

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Yuko Kiyoshima

Alias as a storyboad artist Kobii Tofu

 I have been attending a colored pencil drawing class lately 

Kohei Akasaka

 I have been participating a wide range of works such as scan and paint, but my primary responsibility is compositing 

Shizuka Furumura

 Born in Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture in 1989. After graduating from the department of Animation at Faculty of Arts, Tokyo Polytechnic University, I joined Gorilla Co., Ltd. as an animator. I participated in animated TV shows as a key animator and storyboard artist, and in animation production of the corporate commercials